How to I upgrade the rms2 shop version?

Marina Black -

Before upgrading the shop version, please, make sure you have access to your hosting cpanel, the store admin and your affiliate area.

Please, follow the steps below to upgrade the shop version:

1. Back up the shop all files.

2. Back up the shop database in the cpanel phpmyadmin.

3. Back up the directory the rms2 shop is installed into.

4. If you have made changes to the rms2 theme and so it is customized, copy this theme and give it a name different from a default theme name
(while upgrading the shop version all the shop themes are overwritten so if you do not save your custom theme is will be lost).

5. On backing up the above in a temporary directory /{%SHOP%}/.backup/ there should be the shop database, the shop directory, and the shop theme archives. 

6. Log into your affiliate area on and on download the rms2 new archive. Save the new version archive on your PC.

7. Upload and unzip the new version archive into the rms2 shop directory. Check the unzipped folders and files permissions (they should be 755 for the shop folders, 644 for the files and 777 for /data/logs and template_c directories).

8. Upgrade the shop version: right as you've unzipped the new version archive launch the cron and update the shop.

9. As the shop is updated go to the shop /admin/settingssystem and set your custom theme (choose your custom theme in THEME field and press 'Update'). 


If you have more questions feel free to contact our affiliate support by submitting a ticket request


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