How do I set a discount in the RMS2?

Marina Black -

It is easier than you think. For instance, you need to set a 30% discount on all themes in the shop. 


1. Access the RMS2 admin area (http:www. 



2. Go to Settings =>User Settings (/admin/settingsuser) and press Add New: 


Add DISCOUNT to the Name field
Add discount description to the Description field
Add your discount rate (eg. 0.7 to set a 30% discount)


4. Go back to Settings => User Settings ((/admin/settingsuser) and press Add New

Add CALCULATE_DISCOUNT to the Name field
Add turn on the discount to the Description field
Add 1 to turn on the discount and click Submit


5. Additionally, please, make sure that you've sent the same discount % for the RMS2 preset shopping cart in the affiliate area Price Settings:



6. As you've set the discounts for both RMS2 and its preset shopping cart, please, update the shop (so that the shop prices are the same and correct). 


If you need help with this feel free to email at or submit a ticket request

























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