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The unique and personally-customized Dynamic Widget can be easily made with the Widget Builder - 



The widget builder (generator) allows to choose its display settings as the title, type, etc. (all available in the left sidebar) and even hide the pricing and TemplateMonster logo display.

So the steps to generate this Dynamic Widget are:

1. Go to http://www.mytemplatestorage.com/affiliate-tools/widget-generator/

2. Add you affiliate username to 'Enter your affiliate ID here' field. 

3. Choose the widget settings via the the left sidebar options.

4. Copy the widget code from 'To Complete Widget Installation Insert This Code on Your Homepage' box at the bottom. 

5. Important! For the widget to work, please, edit the widget code as below. 








(depending on your server protocol)


var w = new MTSWidget.widget('//www.mytemplatestorage.com',{


var w = new MTSWidget.widget('http://www.mytemplatestorage.com',{


var w = new MTSWidget.widget('https://www.mytemplatestorage.com',{

(depending on your server protocol). 

Please, also note that if you are just trying the widget code locally the 'https' protocol will NOT work. 

6. The widget previews are all linked to TemplateMonster.com via your affiliate link containg your affiliate username you add when generating the widget code through the widget builder

 7. The Dynamic Widget live demo can be checked on http://www.brilliantwebdesigns.com/ 



If you have issues or questions regarding the widget, generating the widget, the widget options, tracking, etc. feel free to email our support service



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