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This is a new and easy-to use tool to showcase templatemonster's designs on own affiliate sites. The uploaded landing pages (displaying all or particular templates) look like in the below screenshots: 



No tech or coding skills required - simply choose the landing page folder for a particular or all template types,  double-click  'index.html' to open and preview it in your browser. If you have no specific preferences just take the 'web templates' landing page.

Below are the steps to put the landing page on your affiliate website:

1. Unpack the zip file. Open 'index.html' in a text editor and replace “{###AFF_ID###}” with your affiliate username (all '{###AFF_ID###}' can also be replaced using 'Ctrl + H').

2. Put the file to the chosen folder in your FTP panel. Please, mind that landing page would gather more traffic if you put it on your main page or in one of your website’s categories.

If you need help uploading your files to the FTP, here is the video tutorial or simply use the text instructions.

The landing pages are simply ready-made patterns you can make changes in and add more templates to your liking. We have also put the <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> tag on them, which is NOT going to exclude the organic Google traffic you are getting.

The landing pages live demos can also be checked on 


If you have affiliate questions or issues feel free to contact our affiliate support by submitting a ticket request


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