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The ready-made template shops from this section are a turnkey and quick solution for those who want to set up an easy-to-use template website. The shops are free and are available for download from Ready-made affiliate shops

These ready-made shops are also often referred to as RMS 1 as they were the first ready-made shops we started to offer. The shops are html and java script based and are fully managed via a preset from the affiliate area (which tracks both the shop display and traffic and sales data). So mostly you edit such a shop by editing its preset in the affiliate area; the other changes are made directly to the shop html and css files. Being quite easy-to use, however, the shop editing options are quite limited as the greater part of the  shop content is displayed via the preset java scripts loaded from our server. Still as there are options to add custom html and css in Preset Settings and also to use an external css style for the detailed previews, special offers, shopping cart, and checkout pages the shop can be customized and given quite a unique look and feel - as, for instance, which is a customized RMS1 shop based on a template from 

Please, refer to this manual RMS 1 Installation Guide to find information how to install an RMS 1 shop. 

If you go to Presets and click Ready-made affiliate shops you'll get to the  page where you can choose an RMS1 shop design. The page displays 6 available designs in the most used colors: 

There are 2 links below each design image to get the design larger preview and to proceed and download the design. If you want to download the design simply check the radio button next to the design and click 'Proceed with this shop'. 


 Once you've clicked you proceed to the next page to download the shop files:


Here you should add your company name to be displayed in the shop logo, choose an existing or add a new preset (the shop settings and tracking will be managed via); and add your slogan to be also displayed in the header. If you also need the shop PSD file to edit the shop style you can check 'Download PSD file' before downloading the shop. 

Press 'Download' and save the shop files on your computer. 


If you have affiliate questions or issues feel free to contact our affiliate support by submitting a ticket request.




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