Wordpress Widget Installation Manual

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Below are the steps to download and install the affiliate Wordpress widget on your affiliate website. 

1. Access your affiliate personal area from http://www.mytemplatestorage.com/ using your affiliate usrname and password.



2. Go to your affiliate area Affiliate Tools => Display Affiliate Banners or use Wordpress => Wordpress Widget


3. Follow Step 1 from the widget instruction in Wordpress Widget and download the templatehelp wordpress widget zip from http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/template-help-featured-templates/


4. Download the templatehelp widget zip on your computer:


5. Login to your wp admin. Go to the wp admin Plugins => Add New (/wp-admin/plugin-install.php), press 'Upload Plugin': 


6. Click 'Browse' => choose 'template-help-featured-templates.zip' you saved on your computer before => press 'Open' in the File Upload window: 


7. Click 'Install Now': 


8. Enter your FTP credentials to proceed installing, click 'Proceed': 


 9. Click 'Activate Plugin': 


 10. Now you have it activated in Plugins (/wp-admin/plugins.php): 


11. Go to the wp admin Appearance => Widgets (/wp-admin/widgets.php): 


 12. To activate the widget click on it and press 'Add Widget' or simply drag it to the sidebar: 


13. Add the widget settings. Set the widget title, eg. 'Template Designs'; and replace the 'wpincome' default username and the 'd98c52ec04d5ce98f6f000a6d2b65160' default api password with YOUR affiliate username and YOUR api password from the affiliate area Display templates using WebAPI. If you haven't generated the affiliate password yet, please, go to Display templates using WebAPI and generate it there: 

14. When installing the widget you can choose if
1 - to set the widget thumbnails to link to templatemonster.com through your affiliate link; 
2 - to link the widget thumbs to your preset store detailed previews; 
3 - to link the template thumbnails to your RMS2 detailed previews. 
14.1. To set the widget thumbnails to link to templatemonster.com through your affiliate link you should check '. The other settings (as the number of templates, full or shortened previews, etc.) are optional. Save your settings:

14.1.1. Now your widget thumbnails link to templatemonster.com through your affiliate link: 


14.2.  To link the widget thumbs to your preset store detailed previews you should check 


 14.2.2. Now your widget thumbnails link to your preset store detailed previews (containing your store preset code to track visitors and sales): 


14.3. To set the widget thumbnails to link to your RMS2 detailed previews you should add your affiliate username, api password and RMS2 shop URL (important - no slash at the end) and save your settings:
 14.3.1. Once set your widget thumbnails link to your RMS2 store detailed preview pages: 

 You can also manage the View All Templates button settings for all the three widget options. No text is displayed by default for this button so if you want it to be displayed you should add its text, as well as the URL and link target: 


 On the widget page the link is shown like this: 


In some cases when installing the widget you may be getting templatemonster's images instead of the templates thumbnails in the widget.


The possible reasons for this may be: 

1. You have not changed the default username 'wpincome' and the default api password 'd98c52ec04d5ce98f6f000a6d2b65160' to YOUR affiliate username and YOUR api password.

2. ‘allow_url_fopen' is 'Off' in the php.ini file (it should be 'On' for the widget images to load from our server).


If you have affiliate questions or issues feel free to contact our affiliate support by submitting a ticket request



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