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WebAPI is an interface (set of scripts) to get php and xml scripts to retrieve templates info from templatemonster's database and write own advanced scripts for templates display. Recommended for advanced users only. 


Our affiliate API is security check parameter protected. It is often referred to as 'the affiliate API password'. Display templates using WebAPI is exactly the section where this affiliate api password is generated. Click 'Generate' in Display templates using WebAPI to generate the api password: 

The API password you generated looks somewhat like this: 

The generated API password red text contains your API login (the same as your affiliate username) and your API password (generated in this section). The generated API password is added to the end of the API script URL:


This script gives the data response as below (a part of the response):



Important. We do recommend not to share your affiliate API password with third parties as it contains particularly your unique affiliate data associated with your affiliate account.

We also encourage you to use XML API to receive templates information. (XML API does not require using a security check parameter).


If you have affiliate questions or issues feel free to contact our affiliate support by submitting a ticket request





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