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Comes with 3 subsections: Templatesmonster banners,  Wordpress Widget, and AJAX Dynamic Banners.

In Templatesmonster banners you can get affiliate banner codes to paste into your affiliate websites to refer visitors to templatemonster.com. The affiliate banners are 'stuffed' with your affiliate links to either templatemonster.com home or particular products pages. The tracking is done via your affiliate username being a part of the affiliate link in the affiliate banner code. If you would like to edit the banner image design you can do it using the banner images psd files you can get from this Help Center Useful Tips section. 


 AJAX Dynamic Banners are a perfect solution if you would like to showcase our newest templates. You also have the option to set the template types to rotate in the banners. Currently we offer 4 affiliate AJAX banners types:

1.Products Banner (showcasing all products available in rotation);
2. Banners for Ecommerce and CMS Templates;
3. Featured Banner (showcasing a particular template type);
4. All Templates Banner (displaying a particular type templates).

To generate an AJAX banner code you first choose the banner type, click 'Next' to choose the template types to be displayed; the preset (which code the sales will be tracked through), set if to link to templatemonster.com via your affiliate link or to your own affiliate template store; set the banner to display templates horizontally or vertically; the banner skin color (there are a few default ones available you can choose from); and also the banners direction to rotate (forward or backward). Once you've set click 'Generate' to generate the AJAX banner code. 

Please, note that the banner bode code should begin and end with <div id="jsbanner" class="jsbanner"></div> accordingly - as in the screenshot below (if you do not add these the banner will just not be displayed): 

If you run a wordpress based affiliate website the Wordpress Widget from the Wordpress Widget affiliate area section might be a proper tool you're looking for to showcase our templates on your Wordpress site. 

All you need to do to get the widget is to download the widget zip from https://wordpress.org/plugins/template-help-featured-templates/, follow the widget installation steps from the Wordpress Widget section and add your affiliate details in the Wordpress admin area. The installed widget looks as below: 


 When setting the widget display you can set to display the templates details or not (the above screenshot shows a widget with no template details displayed). You can also link the templates detailed previews to refer to templatemonster.com via your affiliate link or to your affiliate shop preview page (containing your preset code for tracking). 


If you have affiliate questions or issues feel free to contact our affiliate support by submitting a ticket request





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