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This is where you should choose a payment method (or payment methods) and add your payment details for commission payouts. As you add or update your payment details you get the payment details confirmation link to your account email address. Once the link is clicked your payment details are updated. We also recommend getting to this section and checking if the payment details there are correct before requesting a commission withdrawal in Consolidated Balance


The available payment options for commission withdrawals for which you specify the details in this section are:

Paypal - to use this payment method you should enter your email address used for

Moneybookers (recommended for non-US affiliates) - the fastest way to get paid. You need to go to in order to sign up for your Moneybookers account. The minimum payment amount is set at $100 and there is no fee for receiving your commissions.

Wire Transfer - this payment option is available both to international and US affiliates. The minimum payment amount is $800. We do not charge fees for international wire transfers, but you may be charged by your bank for receiving the payment.

WebMoney - a multifunctional payment gateway ensuring secure and instant online payments. If you have a status of a WebMoney Transfer user (i.e. a holder of a WM digital passport) you are able to use this payment method for your commission withdrawal. The minimum payment amount is also set at $100.

Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard - using this method you can get paid directly to your globally accepted prepaid MasterCard. This is a quick, easy, secure and cost-effective payment method for recipients wordlwide. The account balance threshold for Payoneer withdrawals is $100.


Important Note: Commission payouts via all the above payment methods except for Wire Transfer are made once a week and take up to 5 business days. Wire Transfer payments are made twice a month and take up to 10 business days accordingly. 

All payments are made upon your request only. Each request for commission withdrawal made from your affiliate account is valid for one payment only. Still if you need to change the funds amount to be withdrawn you can cancel the current withdrawal and request a new one. 


If you have affiliate questions or issues feel free to contact our affiliate support by submitting a ticket request



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