Ready Made Affiliate Shops (Version 2)

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This is a section where you can preview and download the RMS2 shop which is the ready-made shop second version we released so is referred to as the RMS2 shop or just RMS2. 

These shops are more advanced compared with RMS1 still require certain tech skills to install and run them and also powerful hosting. They are not preset based (except for the shopping cart, special offers, and the checkout pages located on our server and tracking the shop sales). The shops main features (advantages as compared with the RMS1 shop) are: 

- being fully customizable and user-friendly. RMS2 are theme based shops and we offer their several default themes. With this is it also possible to create own completely new theme and use it instead.  

- setting the URLs structure. For the search engines better optimization there's the RMS2 option to set the shop URLs structure for the shop all pages. There’s a list of macros available including the template type, category, template number etc.

- setting the pages titles. They can easily be set from the shop admin. You can use plain texts or add macros for the search engine better optimization.

- editing texts. You can add/edit/delete text blocks for every page as well as add own new content pages with your information.

 - saving the screenshots local copies (requires much HD space still may be needed if you want to have them on your side to get the shop independent of any display issues that may happen on our side). 

The RMS2 shops need to be installed on own hosting. Please, refer to the Help Center RMS2 Installation Guide to find the RMS2 shop step-by-step installation manual. 

There are also the RMS2 live demos

you can check before downloading and installing this ready shop. 

If you've chosen to use it you can proceed to Presets => Ready Made Affiliate Shops (Version 2)


Click Ready Made Affiliate Shops (Version 2) and proceed to the next page to preview the RMS2 shop available designs (themes), choose a preset for download (the RMS2 shop sales will be tracked via) and actually proceed downloading: 


 Once you've clicked 'Download' you see the the message that the RMS2 shop currency and language set for the RMS2 preset in Preset Settings => Other Settings cannot be changed. Read the message and click 'I acknowledge that. Proceed.' 



Download the RMS2 shop files on your computer and then follow the steps in the RMS2 Installation manual to install it on your hosting. 


If you have affiliate questions or issues feel free to contact our affiliate support by submitting a ticket request.



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