How can I buy a template with my commission?

Marina Black -

Yes, you can. You can use the affiliate account Get Template option to order templates with the earned funds. It should be noted that in order to use this option:

1 – you should have enough funds on your affiliate account balance (i.e. no less than the price of the template you would like to order);
2 – you should make sure that the template you would like to order via this option does not have 0 downloads;
3 – you should have your affiliate personal details verified. To have them verified, please, upload your passport or driver license copy in the affiliate area Consolidated Balance; once they are verified by our affiliate manager you can use the Get Template option. This is a one-time verification taking no more than 24 hours.

Important Note: Please, make sure you’ve entered the correct template item when ordering the template via the Get Template option (as in case it’s incorrect the template may not be exchanged) and and also check that your account email address is active since this is where the ordered template download link is sent to.


If you have more questions feel free to contact our affiliate support by submitting a ticket request.

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