How is commission calculated?

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Commission is calculated automatically within the next 24 hours as the affiliate sale was made. So if you don’t see the sale 5 minutes after it was made, please don’t panic. You can check the money balance any time using your online interface. The commission you earn is

30% (per the first unique customer sale) - 10% (all further sales)

and is added for all purchases via your affiliate link, banners, or preset shopping cart within the basic and additional (, affiliate projects.

All customers who come via your affiliate link receive 60 days lasting cookies on their computers.

Note: If we refund a purchase you received commission for, this added commission is subtracted from your commission balance. Refunds can occur due to various reasons such as fraud credit card purchases, suspicious orders, bank chargebacks etc.

If the purchase was made successfully but the commission was not added to your account there may be two possible reasons for this.

1. There was a problem with our server (pages were not loading or were loading very slow when the purchase was being made). If this is the case, we manually add commission to your account. For this we request the made order information to verify the order.
2. You or someone who should have used your affiliate link to buy the template forgot to use it and bought the template directly from TemplateMonster so the order did not get tracked as an affiliate sale on our end.

3. You or your customer had cookies blocked in the browser so your username was not saved as a cookie and the sale was not tracked for your account.


If you have more questions feel free to contact our affiliate support by submitting a ticket request.

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